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Silas Tonttukylä is situated in a small elf village deep in the nature of Finland surrounded by pines, birches, and spruces. Here lives Tonttus – small elves that make handcrafted presents for Santa Claus. Everybody, child or grownup instantly falls in love with the Tonttus! And every time, when new figurines have been created, they want to complete their own collection.
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How Silas Tonttukylä was established?

The workshop of the Tonttus was established when Tonttus had to change their way of life. In old times, they were looking after the people and animals living on their farmsteads.

But when people started moving away from this rural life, the Tonttus moved to live with Santa Claus in Korvatunturi, and some found their new homes near Kuhmo.

Here, they assist Tonttu Uwe in creating beautiful presents for Christmas and other occasions. Uwe and his little helpers complement each other perfectly in creating little works of art with love, following Finnish tradition and culture.

As all our Tonttus are handcrafted, it’s possible to make special individual editions for companies, communities, and private customers. Share your part of Finnish Christmas in the form of happy Tonttus and other products with your family and friends!