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Order and Delivery Terms

Tonttukyla.fi is an e-commerce website for offering Silas Tonttukylä’s handmade products on Europe. Silas Tonttukylä is a Finnish company registered with VAT-ID FI21289237 by Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

For ordering our products as a business customer (whether you’re limited company or sole proprietorship), you must accept these common terms and conditions listed below.

These terms are valid starting from Monday 4th of March, 2019. See our impressum and privacy policy.

Contact information

Web: www.tonttukyla.fi

Email: info@tonttukyla.fi

Phone: +358 400 373 011

Ordering products

Silas Tonttukylä is selling products on e-commerce environment, accessible at www.tonttukyla.fi/shop/. The prices of products don’t include 24% VAT. Silas Tonttukylä reserves all rights for changing product prices and shipping fees.

Products are ordered on the webshop by transferring them to the shopping cart. All customer information is treated confidentially. The contact information requested in connection with the order is not used for any purpose other than the delivery of the order or clarification of any ambiguity therein, unless otherwise expressly stated.

Payment and payment methods

Currently our accepted payment method is an invoice which will be generated when a new order is placed. For new customers, payment must be completed beforehand we deliver products for shipping. Exceptions for processing payments are negotiated only with previous companies.

Shipping methods and costs

Every package sent by Silas Tonttukylä is unique. Because of this, Silas Tonttukylä doesn’t have a common fee for shipping costs. Instead, Silas Tonttukylä calculates shipping costs based on the weight of package and destination location.

Return policy

Silas Tonttukylä has different return policies for individual and business customers. These will be applied by the type of a customer.

Business customers

For the business customers, meaning resellers including sole proprietorships and limited companies as well other company forms, return policy won’t apply. On Force Majure situations returning products shall be negoatiated with business customer.

Individual customers

Individual (private) customers are entitled to have 14-days return time. To be entitled for returning product, customer should inform Silas Tonttukylä by written statement where necessary fields are:

  • Customer Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Order Date and Time
  • Products with SKU’s

The product must be returned by post within 14 days of the cancellation notice in its original and original packaging. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Attach a copy of the cancellation notice to the product return. If the product has been used, we reserve the right to charge for the impairment.

If you want to restore or replace products after the review period, please contact us directly. When you return a delivered order, include your name and contact information as well as your bank account number for refund.

We will refund the entire amount you have paid within 14 days of the receipt of the cancellation notice if the product has been returned or it has been proven to be delivered to the return address.

Postal Address for returning product

Koljosentie 166

88900 Kuhmo



Extraordinary cases

If the product is lost or damaged during transportation or otherwise does not correspond to your order, you must notify us of the error within 14 days by writing to the address mentioned in the Cancellation and Return Terms or by calling the telephone number mentioned in the contact information.